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Want To Be Famous? Get Attention!

I’m not sure if “being famous” is really measured on if you get on the Tonight Show (which is one of his goals), but leaving that flaw aside, this guy has the right idea.

It’s all about attention and he’s doing a good job at getting it. Using videos and a creative website and pushing his agenda. The press loves this stuff.

Brought to my attention from Problogger.

Over the last few days I’ve been following the quest of John Gerard who is video blogging his journey across the US at his site Famous in 31 Days.

As the name suggests, John’s goals are simple – to become famous…. in 31 days.

He’s traveling across America and aims to end his journey by being featured on Jay Leno’s show. Only problem is that Jay’s never heard of him and neither had too many others before he started his journey.

Having said that – John managed to get himself some media attention in the days leading up to the start of his journey and at least in his home town got a little of the fame he’s after – but now he’s in New York and the real challenge starts.

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