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Will Scratchback Help Everyone Make Money Online?

No offense to my friends who run major online advertising channels like Text Link Ads, and Auction Ads and all that stuff…

But I wonder how they continue to operate because the majority of bloggers out there don’t make hardly any money from them. They just don’t. I’ve been researching this for years and years, and I’ve written about it constantly. And I’ve read many other comments and blog posts from all over the Internets, and everyone tells me that they don’t make any money with these programs.


Disclaimer: Low-traffic bloggers don’t make money. Bigger sites that are the minority in the grand scheme of things drive, in my opinion, all the revenue for these companies.

When I read stuff like this from Zac Johnson, a personal friend of mine who I KNOW makes money hand over fist online, it really seems to validate my thoughts and my Scratchback.com launch coming soon.

I mean, if you look in those comments on that page, you will see what I’m saying. Most people are saying they don’t, or have ever, made any significant money from those systems. Even guys like Zac, who are pushing a TON of impressions are seeing those true profits they should be getting fade into dust.

I’ve been saying it for years. Low-traffic bloggers have a really, really hard push to make money from their blogs. My former company BlogKits is making a run at this as we speak and I wish them well.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I truly, truly believe that Scratchback can be the answer we’ve all been looking for. I cannot wait to show it to you, believe me. But I have to be patient and finish it first.

Again, I’m not trying to diss anyone else’s solution. They do work, just not for everyone. I’m simply being passionate about my own idea. Maybe it’ll suck and you can all laugh at me later, you never know.

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