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You Can’t Stop File Sharing, But You Can Kill Your Brand By Trying

Regal Cinemas prosecuted a 20-year-old women for recording 20-second of the movie Transformers on her cell phone to show to her brother.

Jhannet Sejas, the girl who was arrested last month for recording a 20 second clip of “Transformers” in a local cinema pleaded guilty and agreed to pay a $71 fine. Regal Cinemas pressured the Arlington County prosecutor to charge Sejas, they wanted to make an example of her.

Let’s leave the law out of this. It’s irrelevant because what she did was illegal. There’s no way around that. Instead, let’s talk about what this really means… and that is…

Entertainment companies are scared shitless about their long-time business models collapsing into dust.

I was talking with someone the other day who was telling me about this site he subscribes to for $6.95/month that he gets pretty much any song, or movie to download on at will. Sometimes even before they are in theaters. I have also been working with a lot of younger people (than me) in their 20’s lately, and they ALL torrent and they ALL get any songs they want, whenever they want, however they want in multiple ways.

To them it’s not stealing. It’s “just the way it works and has always been”.

The “example” they made of this young girl certainly won’t be the last, but it won’t work. “Theft” is happening now, every second of the day, and they can’t stop it.

All this is going to do for Regal Cinemas is hurt their brand. Makes no sense.

Reminds of me of the Napster situation with all the Metallica whining. Great videos by the way, watch.

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