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Cnet Misses The Point About Conversational Marketing

Cnet misses the point, completely.


Who asked marketers to join readers online?… I’m suspicious when the “conversation” is initiated by the marketer and not the consumer.

I got news for you. The consumers asked for the marketers to do this. No, they demanded they do it. And it’s working for both parties.

I can’t help but view conversational marketing as a thinly veiled attempt by the ad industry to insinuate itself into the popular social media craze. Calling it a “conversation” makes it sound benign and implies that it is consensual.

What would you propose we continue on with then? Traditional one-way eat shit and like it advertising models?

You’re missing the point Elinor. This is a good thing, not a meaningless effort.

Everyone else is on board and is liking the results. Why aren’t you? Let go of the past and embrace progress.

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