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Don’t Waste Your Time With Blogrush, It Won’t Work For Your Blog

I have to admit, Blogrush (that is not a referral link) looks damn fancy. I mean, the widget looks cool, and the website and video explaining it are well done. But its got a few problems…

Particularly, it won’t work.

blogrush.jpgNot sure what Blogrush is? They promise “more traffic for your blog,” with “no work for you”. That’s the pitch. You put the widget on your blog, and so do other bloggers, and the theory is that your content gets spit into other blog widgets that are similar in content to you, then readers on those blogs click on the widget and find your blog.

How is this more than a glorified traffic exchange? Well, they’ve added a “viral” part to it. See, if you have 100 page views to your blog per day, your content link will appear 100 times on other blogs. Then what they’ve added is a feature that if you refer a blog with 10,000 page views a day who signs up and uses the widget, your blog gets 10,000 additional widget link views. And so on, therefore, such as…

Sounds good right? Sure, if you like multi-level marketing.

Look, it’s a fancy version of a downline. You get “more” traffic, when you get others to sign up through you. This is NOT affiliate marketing. This is MLM at its finest.

Why won’t this work? It’s simple, because the promise of “more traffic” sucks. Bloggers don’t want, or crave “more traffic”. Whoever built this doesn’t understand bloggers.

Let’s define bloggers first. 99.9% of ALL blogs are low-traffic blogs. In other words, sites like Techcrunch and Engadget, well, those aren’t “real” blogs, those are businesses run on CMS solutions with comments enabled. And guess what, those “blogs” aren’t going to use this widget.

Real blogs are those who have little or no traffic. You know who you are. You write a blog about how much you hate work, or a blog about sewing, or whatever. You’re not a marketer, you’re just a person who likes to blog.

So Blogrush promises you that your troubles are over. If you put this widget on your blog, your going to get a massive influx of traffic that is going to make you rich and famous.

It won’t work for 99% of the people who try it. You’ll add the widget, and you’ll expect a massive rush of new readers, but it won’t happen.

You know who it’ll work for? The mid-size bloggers who have thousands of readers. Why? Because they are able to spread the virus faster than you, the low-traffic blogger. In other words, you lose from the start. The top fish in the food chain have already spread it farther than you could possible expect.

You’ve lost already. Your blog will never be able to refer or “earn” as many “credits” as they will.

That is the major flaw in the model. The playing ground is not level. What is going to happen is that the mid-size bloggers who refer you in, will get way more exposure then you will ever have from it. Sure, you’ll pick up a few clicks here and there, but will that be worth it?

Now you could argue that “well, at least I’m getting more traffic from doing nothing”. Yes, you certainly may be right. Let me ask you this though.

Are you ready to give up valuable space on your blog for a few new readers a month?

Do you know what Blogrush does with the stats they are collecting from your blog? (For the record, I do not).

Try it, or don’t try it, it’s up to you. But don’t believe the hype. Remember, whenever you hear the words “you do absolutely nothing”, that usually means you “get absolutely nothing” in return.

And yes, I do have the widget on my blog right now. I’m testing it out to see how relevant it is. I assure you, it will go away when I’m done.

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