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Don’t Waste Your Time With Blogrush, It Won’t Work For Your Blog

I have to admit, Blogrush (that is not a referral link) looks damn fancy. I mean, the widget looks cool, and the website and video explaining it are well done. But its got a few problems…

Particularly, it won’t work.

blogrush.jpgNot sure what Blogrush is? They promise “more traffic for your blog,” with “no work for you”. That’s the pitch. You put the widget on your blog, and so do other bloggers, and the theory is that your content gets spit into other blog widgets that are similar in content to you, then readers on those blogs click on the widget and find your blog.

How is this more than a glorified traffic exchange? Well, they’ve added a “viral” part to it. See, if you have 100 page views to your blog per day, your content link will appear 100 times on other blogs. Then what they’ve added is a feature that if you refer a blog with 10,000 page views a day who signs up and uses the widget, your blog gets 10,000 additional widget link views. And so on, therefore, such as…

Sounds good right? Sure, if you like multi-level marketing.

Look, it’s a fancy version of a downline. You get “more” traffic, when you get others to sign up through you. This is NOT affiliate marketing. This is MLM at its finest.

Why won’t this work? It’s simple, because the promise of “more traffic” sucks. Bloggers don’t want, or crave “more traffic”. Whoever built this doesn’t understand bloggers.

Let’s define bloggers first. 99.9% of ALL blogs are low-traffic blogs. In other words, sites like Techcrunch and Engadget, well, those aren’t “real” blogs, those are businesses run on CMS solutions with comments enabled. And guess what, those “blogs” aren’t going to use this widget.

Real blogs are those who have little or no traffic. You know who you are. You write a blog about how much you hate work, or a blog about sewing, or whatever. You’re not a marketer, you’re just a person who likes to blog.

So Blogrush promises you that your troubles are over. If you put this widget on your blog, your going to get a massive influx of traffic that is going to make you rich and famous.

It won’t work for 99% of the people who try it. You’ll add the widget, and you’ll expect a massive rush of new readers, but it won’t happen.

You know who it’ll work for? The mid-size bloggers who have thousands of readers. Why? Because they are able to spread the virus faster than you, the low-traffic blogger. In other words, you lose from the start. The top fish in the food chain have already spread it farther than you could possible expect.

You’ve lost already. Your blog will never be able to refer or “earn” as many “credits” as they will.

That is the major flaw in the model. The playing ground is not level. What is going to happen is that the mid-size bloggers who refer you in, will get way more exposure then you will ever have from it. Sure, you’ll pick up a few clicks here and there, but will that be worth it?

Now you could argue that “well, at least I’m getting more traffic from doing nothing”. Yes, you certainly may be right. Let me ask you this though.

Are you ready to give up valuable space on your blog for a few new readers a month?

Do you know what Blogrush does with the stats they are collecting from your blog? (For the record, I do not).

Try it, or don’t try it, it’s up to you. But don’t believe the hype. Remember, whenever you hear the words “you do absolutely nothing”, that usually means you “get absolutely nothing” in return.

And yes, I do have the widget on my blog right now. I’m testing it out to see how relevant it is. I assure you, it will go away when I’m done.

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lucia - September 15, 2007

I have to admit, I have pretty much the same reaction. Besides, once these are up why will people click these link in the sidebar a lot? If I were to put this up (and I don’t plan too) I’d shove it off to the side and bottom where it would hardly be seen. Then, I’d accumulate “credits” and hope someone else puts their icon somewhere visible so I’d get visits! (But if they are sane, they will also put it somewhere inconspicious!)

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Jim Kukral - September 15, 2007

Ask yourself this question. If you had a few hundred thousand blogs running your widget, and you were collecting stats on those blogs… how valuable would that be to you?

VERY valuable. John Reese is a smart guy. He’s not giving away anything for free. There’s always a follow up. That data he’s collecting will be monetized.

lucia - September 15, 2007

Oh, I’m sure he plans to monetize in some way, and that will by by using the stats. Maybe he’ll try to sell “blog ranks” to groups like Reviewme. (After all, Alexa is terrible. This might be less wretched– if widely used.)

His making money doesn’t necessarily bother me. If he actually gave me something I thought worthwhile, I would add the widget. But I don’t think I’ll gain much!

Anita Campbell - September 16, 2007

Hi Jim,

In addition to the points you made, at some point there just isn’t enough real estate on the page to run all these widgets. Plus, every widget added slows down page loads.

I’m one of the bloggers who really runs online publications. I could not afford to spend the time I do on my publications without monetizing them (wish I could, but just like everyone else I have living expenses). So I have had to get “widget stingy” and I consider very carefully before adding any new widgets.

I’ve received several invitations in the past 3 days to join BlogRush and I’m glad I found your review when I decided to check them out. Based on what you’ve said, I’ve decided to pass. Thanks, Jim.


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Seo expert - September 16, 2007

but not every blogger think like this, some of them even dont know just looking for more traffic. But this works if you want to make your alexa rank ( no use but some of them attracts)

Oleg - September 16, 2007

I am going to have to go ahead and agree with you. I was offered a similar system (not similar – exactly the same) which I turned down as well. Most blogs are low traffic and I expect the CTR rate to be around 1% (depending upon placement of the widget). So for every 100 visitors to your site, this widget will give you an extra one. Not worth it imo. Although you can find a bunch of people offering some sweet prizes if you sign up under their referral :D

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Martin Neumann - September 17, 2007

After reading so many “hype-filled” posts on this launch, this is a refreshing take, Jim.

And I tend to agree with your views.

I too don’t just want “more traffic” – I want targeted traffic.

Also, as with Anita, I’m trying to run a professional online magazine (via a blogging platform) so this is just too much real estate to give up, when it could be better utilized for a an advertiser or sponsor.

And like you Jim, I testing it out but it will probably be gone by the time I launch.

Jim Kukral - September 17, 2007

@anita, glad to help.

@oleg, the prizes are a nice touch, but again, you still have to have many readers to really get anything out of this.

@Martin, I knew you’d agree! :0

CFernandes - September 17, 2007

I have also signed-up to try and gather some referrals, should this thing be around in a few months…

but I will also be doing a post in a couple of days explaining exactly why this will not be a success.

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[…] Don’t Waste Your Time With BlogRush Jim Kukral makes a lot of valid points and concerns. The gist of his argument against BlogRush is that it will only benefit mid-sized blogs (those in the 1000s RSS range). The biggest of the blogs are not going to use it. Those mid-size blogs will gain by far the vast majority of the referrals leaving the average blogger with little traffic or reason to use the widget. He also had some concerns about BlogRush’s collection of your stats but John Reese added a reply to clear up those concerns a bit. The jury is still out so it’s to early to know what the long term success of BlogRush will be. […]

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Loxly - September 17, 2007

No, I don’t believe the hype that you “do nothing” to get traffic. I never believe that kind of hype. I see blogrush as not a traffic exchange, but it’s akin to the banner exchanges that were once very popular. You added the banner exchange code to your website and got 1 impression for every 2 you gave, or something similar. You still had to get some traffic of your own. The difference here is that blogrush is adding the level of being able to increase your traffic by spreading the news.

Will it work? Maybe, maybe not. Today I have more traffic, that converted to sales, than I did yesterday before I joined blogrush and added the widget. Will it last? Maybe, maybe not.

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Marko Pyhajarvi - September 19, 2007

I agree with Martin Neumann above. I also prefer targeted traffic instead of “lots of traffic”. I would like to reach people who are interested coming back daily, commenting, discussing and who might be interested in clicking the ads I have. I believe in long-term blog development (learned from Yaro Starak):

1. write good content for your target audience
2. market your blog in order to reach your target audience

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BillyWarhol - September 20, 2007

Some Good Points* The Targeted Traffic is Key too*

What I found most astonishing was the Buzz it created in the Blogosphere + that tells me Bloggers are HUNGRY for Something/Anything (great Todd Rundgren album) that will Earn them a Few Buck$!

Widgets are gonna be the Next Big thing – so BlogRush is definitely hit a Bullseye with that*


Danny @ Blogs For Money - September 21, 2007

“Bloggers don’t want, or crave “more traffic”. Whoever built this doesn’t understand bloggers”

I think if you did a survey you’d find a lot more bloggers that DO want more traffic than those that don’t. Why would any blogger NOT want more traffic?!!

C - September 22, 2007

Interesting review.

Lifting up a conflicting opinion against the masses always brings curious readers. Nice marketing.

BlogRush isn’t about collecting email addresses however or selling information.

Think Adwords meets Blogging.


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Valentin - September 23, 2007

Mainly nice post, yet :
– small bloggers, as well big guys want traffic.
– the idea of this post is that blogrush doesn`t worth the try, yet somebody told me you may have it on left side bar .. is true ? I haven`t check …

custom tailor - September 27, 2007

still you get something

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Lewis Green - November 21, 2007


It isn’t about getting lots of traffic; it is about getting the right traffic.

lilian aka 5xmom - November 21, 2007

Okie, I am here, all ears! :)

David C Schupach - November 21, 2007

So the Blog Bucks advert on your other site was a joke, right? I clicked on it, registered, and recieved the conf. email link which led me back here….

Israel - November 22, 2007

it 100% sucked for me. sucked! i removed it and wish folks with it luck.

monawea - November 23, 2007

Jim that was a rotten Joke. I was all ready to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars doing NOTHING! You really ruined my day ;) .

Yet another ingenious marketing strategy from Kukral (see I got your name right this time). Though I really didn’t believe that I was going to earn money by doing nothing, I was relieved to find that BlogBucks was a joke. I have been preaching to my blog readers (mostly on my personal finance blog ) that success comes with time investment, determination and intelligent discussion making. I was begging to wonder if I was wrong ;) .

Thanks for laugh. I needed it.

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Jan - November 26, 2007

I just clicked on a comformation in my email for Blogbucks and it took me here. It looks to me that I just got on some other crazy mailing list. I can’t wait to tell all my readers to stay away from this scam!

Jim L - February 29, 2008

I love how the Blogbucks facade took me here. I mean that sincerely. Good stuff, good info, thanks for it.


Dave - May 10, 2008

Is that how I got here? Through the BlogBucks verfication link? Interesting. I don’t mind at all.

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Rel - July 1, 2008

I agree
I plan to remove the blogrush widget as it just isnt working anymore!

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mansid - November 14, 2008

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mansids last blog post..What is Audit Governance?

kashi - April 29, 2009

i have also an blog of sports bikes but its traffic is too small its url is tell me what m i doing

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