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I Need To Lose Some Weight – Watch Me Do It

I am not a dieter, in fact, I have never been on a diet per say. Sure, I’ve cut back on things to try to be healthier, like fast food, and soda pop, but I’ve never done the South Beach Diet, or Atkins.

I always figured that a diet is just a wrong way to effectively be healthier. In my opinion, and what do I know really, if you’re going to lose weight, you need to do it the hard way, with exercise and hard work… you know… a lifestyle change. Plus, I always felt that a “diet” won’t work because the day you go off of it, you’re probably putting the weight back on.

All that being said, I do need to lose some weight. So I’ve agreed to participate in a contest with some of my Affiliate industry friends. It’s a contest called the Affiliate Fit Club.


I’m on the Blue team. Our goal is just like the show The Biggest Loser… to see which team can lose the most weight by the Affiliate Summit Event in Feb. 2008 at the Rio in Las Vegas (which is the event I’m emcee’ing).

My goal is to lose 30 pounds by then. Can I do it? Not sure, but at least I’ll give it a try. Now I’m committed. Wait, what did I just do?

Keep up-to-date on the contest by visiting the website, and staying updated here on my blog. We’ll be posting videos of our progress.

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