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I Pissed Off John Reese From Blogrush

Yep, add John to my list of people who I pissed off. Jakob, Jarvis, Cuban… Read the comments here for John’s retort.

Look John, as I said in my private email to you. I have zero problem with you. I know for a fact you’re a smart and nice guy and you’re very successful. That’s not what this is about.

The problem I have with Blogrush is that it doesn’t, in my opinion, provide value for the majority of bloggers out there. You talk about providing value in your comment.

Our company is all about delivering VALUE to people. That’s why I’ve been successful online for over 15 YEARS. I treat my customers like GOLD. I believe in delivering tremendous VALUE. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why on earth would I risk my existing multi-million dollar training products business by purposely putting out some service that I thought no one would benefit (or at least only the big bloggers as you say)? I’d have to be an IDIOT to have a strategy like that.

No one is questioning your company mission statement. I know you deliver value. There’s no way you could be so successful by putting out crap.

I’m just saying I think you’re off on this one. You know your market, I know mine. I’ve been stepping on grapes in the blog monetization world since 2001 or so, and I’m just saying that I don’t think this one will work. I think I know bloggers, and I think that down the line the value you are promising won’t be there.

But I could be wrong, we’ll see. My apologies in advance if I am. I’ve said enough on this topic. Let’s look back in 3 months and see what the verdict is?

Probably my biggest issue though is I think your marketing is VERY disengenious to say the least. You promote “free traffic” with words like “you do absolutely nothing” and “a flood of traffic to your blog, just by adding this widget”. Stuff like that. Look, I’m a marketer too, but to tell low-traffic bloggers that by doing nothing they can get a flood of traffic is lame.

Welcome to the blogosphere, where the beer (and criticism) flows like wine! 10,000 points for the first person to identify the movie that quote was in.

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Yehuda Berlinger - September 18, 2007

I also saw this as MLM immediately. I have an instinctive reaction not to “get in early” to anything that promises the most rewards to people who get in early, whether it works or not. Because, by definition, it won’t be working for everyone gets in but who doesn’t get in early.

Blogrush doesn’t say on which blogs your headlines will show up, other than “related” sites. If headlines from a small site have an equal chance of showing up on a big site, then the service will actually benefit small sites more than big sites.

Big sites probably don’t get much from a few thousand transient links on small sites, whereas small sites could actually benefit from a few hundred transient links on big sites. If the small site’s links simply show up on a bunch of other small sites, then they’re out of luck.

Also, you have no way of choosing which of your headlines shows up.

There’s also something about the math that doesn’t quite add up to me. It seems to me that they’re promising too many links per impression, if every impression guarantees another 1 to 10 links, but displays only 4.5 links.

And I agree with you: saying that you have to do nothing is disingenuous. At the very least, you have to write continuous good posts with great headlines.


Yehuda Berlinger - September 18, 2007

Ah, I just noticed that impressions are not 1:1 for further generation referals.

Yehuda Berlinger - September 18, 2007

Then there’s the little problem about viewing your own page …


Manuel Viloria - September 18, 2007

Is that from the movie “Dumb and Dumber”?

Jim Kukral - September 18, 2007

@manuel, ding ding! You win 10,000 points!

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Iantrepreneur - September 18, 2007

wow I love this post!

cardiogirl - September 19, 2007

Hey, no one seems to be able to answer this question for me. After I sign up for BlogRush and install the widget on my site, do I have to write an actual post that mentions BlogRush in the post?

I have not done that (written a post) because I want to see if the product actually delivers. I’ve had it installed for about 40 hours now (trying to wait the full 48 hours before I rush to judgment.) I have seen ONE hit from it and that was from the BlogRush Administrator.

What say thee?

The House of Husar - April 2, 2008

I am asking the same thing about the value of BlogRush. Is BlogRush doing anything for my site? I have a small time blog and my posts get about 100-500 impression to the blog post widget. But I only ever about 1 click if I am lucky from those impressions. Here is my post about it and I would appreciate any feedback about others experience.



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