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If Blogrush Proves Anything It’s That Bloggers Are Desperate

So now we’re starting to see results back from bloggers about how/if Blogrush is “working” for them. I have to admit, I’m hearing and reading that some are very happy with the return of “traffic” they’re getting, and not just the bigger bloggers, but it’s still early. Again, as I said before, I could be wrong. I just might be on this one. Note: The idea of Blogrush didn’t bite me, it was the marketing speak that did. Anyway…

Looking deeper, the real takeaway from this whole Blogrush explosion proves one HUGE point, and that is…

Bloggers are desperate for something that works. And they’re willing to try anything, even promoting something before testing and results, if they think it will send them on their way to blogging dreams.


I don’t blame anyone for jumping on the bandwagon. Believe me, I get it. You want to be a pro blogger. You want to live the dream that so few have, of staying at home and writing your blog as a living. Or you just want to make a second income from your efforts. I DO get it.

So that’s why Blogrush blew up so fast. The promise of a “flood of traffic” was the EXACT marketing message that bloggers needed to hear. Then combine that with the critical X factor of “getting in early” to promote it to your friends so you could “earn credits from their signups”, and here we are. And as John Chow points out…

The key to doing well with BlogRush will be to use really enticing headlines and build up a lot of syndication credits. Just running the Widget should get you some referrals, but you will get much better results by blogging about it.

Marketing brilliance, and I told that to John Reese here on this blog and privately in an email.

Back to my point. Bloggers want it bad and they’re willing to try anything. That’s not a bad thing mind you, it’s simply an observation.

I’ll be releasing Scratchback.com in October (which is nothing like Blogrush), which I’m hoping will help bloggers with several problems they face. It’s obvious they are trying. Blogrush proves that.

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