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Bringing The Buzz To WidgetBucks

Last week I helped a company called Mpire launch a new shopping widget called I was brought in to help them get the “buzz” going and get people talking and bloggers blogging about it.

WidgetBucks Total Users

I guess I did a good job, because in one-week they went from 0 signups… to 5,000 signups, as well as 25 million impressions from those signups.

It’s been a wild first week for WidgetBucks, the new ad network of shopping widgets. Launched Tuesday, Oct. 2, WidgetBucks has registered 5,000 publishers, bloggers and affiliates, as well as 25 million impressions during its first seven days.

Maybe someday I’ll write a long post telling exactly how I helped them, but for now, my specific methods remain a trade secret. :)

One thing is for sure though, if you’re going to put your name behind a product, you have to believe it’s going to work for people. WidgetBucks has the potential to earn for many. I hope it’s working out for you.

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