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Only A Handful Of Blogs Actually Make Money Online

It seems that finally everyone is starting to come clean about making money with blogs. The reality is that I’ve known for years is that most people can’t make a living off of a blog, and will never be able to. But because there are so many “make money online” sites out there nowadays, there seems to be some perpetual brand growth that everyone can make this professional blogging thing work monetarily.

It just isn’t true. This is hard, hard work.

Look, I’m not saying don’t try, because you CAN do it. I’m saying that most of you won’t get there (making a ton of cash off ads), that’s all.

Look at what Henry Copeland said this week. Henry is the CEO of, the first blog ad system from years and years ago.

…Only “dozens” of the 1,500 sites he works with can can sustain their sites solely with ad revenues.

Wow, if that isn’t social proof that I’m right, what is? Dozens of sites out of 1,500 make enough income to sustain solely with ad revenues?

I hate to preach, but c’mon, we all know this to be true as I’ve been saying for about 3-4 years now…

I wonder if anyone will have a solution to this problem soon??? Hmmm….

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