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People LOVE Lists – You Should Make One

It’s pretty amazing that a one-person team with no investment money can, and has, completely kicked the butt of an established service in a matter of a year.

techmemelb300.pngI’m talking of course about Gabe from Techmeme, who’s new “Top 100” list will in my opinion finally drive the nail in the coffin of Technorati.

The full list, a day early, is posted here.

There are several conclusions to derive from this news.

1. People LOVE lists. You want attention? Make a list of a niche of something. I don’t care what it is. It could be the top 100 sites that talk about underwater basket weaving. Be the FIRST to make the definitive list of those sites and watch the links and traffic roll in. Just ask Mark from 45n5.

2. Technorati should be ashamed of themselves. It’s very sad to see them not capitalize on the traffic they’ve had for years. I mean, what have they done that is truly innovative? Nothing. I don’t think they get the blogosphere. I truly don’t. All of that data and power and they never grabbed hold. I’ve written about this with a company called Icerocket before.

I mean really. I could think of 100 ideas to launch Technorati into a hugely successful solution. Maybe they need a geek marketer over there.

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