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SocialRank A Site Scraper Or MFA Play, Or Both?

You decide. is creating useful, high-quality websites that help people… or they are producing fancy made-for-Adsense (MFA) sites that scrap blog content?


Bloggingtips pointed this out to me. There are some good comments from the Socialrank representative in that blog entry. I’ll let you decide for yourself the answer to my question above.

One of the sites they have created is a site called Well, apparently I am listed in the scrape for that site right on their very own blog.


Every day, will list the top 15 stories of the day from blogging experts who teach other bloggers how to boost their blog income. We cover stories from the usual stars like JohnChow and Sabahan. But we also point you to some up and coming new Blogging experts you may never have heard of.

Each day, we also recommend 15 blogging experts who experienced a sudden boost in attention to their postings.

The list right now includes:

1. eXtra For Every Publisher
2. John Chow
3. Entrepreneurs Journey
4. Blog Clout
5. Mama Blogga
6. Blog Tips about Blogging
7. Blogging Tips
8. The Gospel According To Rhys
9. Jim Kukral – Marketing Ideas Online
10. Weblog Tools Collection
11. My Debt Free Goal
12. Enkay – Blog
13. Zac Johnson- Blog
14. Kyle Cove
15. Daily Moolah dot Com

Hope these help in your quest to moving up the ranks as a professional blogger.

I have a question though. When did I opt-in to have my content scraped so you could make a buck from it?

I didn’t. It’s hard to believe that Google would allow this site to continue to be ranked in the future.

The only way I would be ok with this is if they emailed me first and asked me if I wanted to be scraped. It’s called opt-in. That isn’t happening.

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