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Syndicated YouTube Video Ads Means BIG Bucks For Video Publishers

Game on for video publishers. There is officially no reason to not get into the video business. In another HUGE move by GoogTube, they have announced that they’ll begin showing videos as ad on “other” websites. What does this mean? Let’s examine it.

With the new twist, websites participating in AdSense now can sign up to specify the kinds of YouTube videos they want shown on their pages. A website focused on automobiles, for instance, might want to display YouTube videos about cars and other vehicles.

Why is this big bucks for YouTube partners? Because imagine this. If you are a selected partner, and you have let’s say 100 high-quality videos about auto repair, all kinds of car sites can now choose to put an Adsense formatted video ad in their sites, distributing your video to possibly millions and millions of their viewers.


Do the math. Let’s say you have hundreds of videos in a niche and you’re one of only a handful of trusted partners of YouTube. Your videos have the potential to be pushed to thousands and thousands of websites instantly, of which you share in the profit of the ads with the website publisher.

Take a YouTube partner like Tim Carter of How many home improvement websites are out there now? 100,000 or more, right? Probably. His videos can now be served to all of those websites (if they choose it). So now Tim has to only focus on creating high-quality videos, and YouTube will distribute them over, and over and over and give him his cut.

Read/Write Web is right…

It’s a simple story, but if it is true it is going to blow the world of online video and advertising wide open.

It’s true, and it WILL blow the doors off the video industry.

Start making those videos, and figuring out how you’re going to get on the YouTube publisher/partner list. I can already tell you how to do it.

Make high-quality videos. That’s it. Make a lot of them.

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