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WidgetBucks Outperforms Chitika & Adsense

I’m not making it up. Darren, and a bunch of his commenters, say it loud and clear. Bold emphasis is mine.

I’ve been running it in a ’split test’ with Chitika ads in one position (ie 50% of the time I display a Chitika ad unit and 50% a WidgetBucks unit) and to this point the WidgetBucks ad is earning more on a CPM basis than the Chitika unit (it’s still early days on that test though). The CTR is higher on the WidgetBucks ad but the click value is higher on the Chitika ads.

I’ve also done split tests with AdSense and found that WidgetBucks out performed them also.

As a result of all this – I’m earning more with WidgetBucks than I would have with ads in the same positions as with either Chitika and AdSense (and considering that they are my two biggest earners that’s pretty good).

Wow, that’s amazing to hear and great news for my friends at Mpire. Congrats guys! More about high performance over at my buddy Zac’s super affiliate blog.

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