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You Have Ideas, Can You Spread Them?

Seth Godin has been a major influence on my marketing. The guy gets it, on many levels. I was just reading one of my favorite sites at Robin Good’s, where he features some advice from Seth.

Can you get your ideas to spread or not? He asks.

With people having less and less time available while products, services and choices keep increasing in number, the typical choice is to ignore ordinary stuff.

People want something special. Something that stands out. Something unique.

But even more important to understand is the fact that you can’t target your potential customers by making one size fits all type of product. You need to address and talk directly to those very individuals that are actively listening for exactly what you have to offer and go after them like a laser beam. But not by bombarding them but rather by lighting up the road they were seeking to find.

Here’s a talk Seth gave at the Ted show. Definitely worth a watch if you’re in the idea business.

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