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BlogworldExpo Party: What Bloggers Did I Meet Tonight?

Just got back to my room after an exhausting travel day to Vegas. Tonight I went and had dinner with Zac Johnson, Wade Tonkin and Sam Harrelson at PFChangs. Joel Comm was with us, but decided to pack it in early. Probably too worn out from a year of putting the show out.

Then we headed over the exclusive Shareasale/Conversation Group party at the Wynn. Great time. I met so many faces/bloggers I had only previously “met” online. Some I’ve know for years and years. My apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone.

Gary V (the wine guy, we’re tailgating the Browns/Jets game in Dec baby!)
Ijustine (had no idea who I was, heh, sound right)
Andy Beal
Chris Brogan
Brian Solis
Des Walsh and his wife all the way from down under
Jim Turner
Tris Hussey
Rick Calvert
Alan Levy

Who else…? I missed Technosailor and the blog squad ladies :(, find me tomorrow please.

I’ve got about 10 videos to put up on YouTube to show everyone. I think I need some sleep though, I’m presenting tomorrow. Gonna be a great show! If you see me, PLEASE say hello.

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