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Google Universal Search Ramping Up To Go Mainstream?

I’m a big believer in Google Universal Search, the video piece of it at least. Heck, I directed and wrote a video commercial for it. That’s me “the boss” in the beginning.

I’ve even helped build an entire business model around it.

So I’m constantly monitoring the Google looking for indications that it’s finally going to roll out on a full-scale. Why it’s taking so long, I’m not sure. I guess more testing. But when it does go into 100% mode, it’s going to blow the doors off the search industry, particularly online video.

Get your cameras ready is all I have to say.

Today I got some good indications that we’re getting close to that day.

Sometimes I use Google to find blog posts on my blog. So today I was looking for an old post so I typed in “kukral utterz“. Here’s what I found. See one of my videos showing up in the organic results?

I get the same thing when I do “kukral wendy“, or “kukral shoemoney“. And on and on.

Interestingly enough, however, if I just type in “kukral blog”, no video shows up. So what I’m thinking is happening is Google is somehow testing it out on “non popular” search phrases.

But who knows? I can’t wait for it to launch. Have you had any experiences with Google Universal Search? Any insights?

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