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How Does Jim Kukral Make Money? I Create Opportunities!

I get asked this question A LOT! Recently, I was asked this directly by Joel Comm on the Las Vegas tram ride to dinner after day 1 of the Blogworld Expo.

In my last post about how traffic is b.s., I stated that this blog has gotten me jobs, and that is part of the way I “monetize”. Yes, that’s true, but I wanted to explain that “job” doesn’t mean what you think it does.

Getting a “job” from my branding/blogging efforts is not “taking a job I hate because I have to.” I don’t take jobs to sit in a soul-sucking, fluorescent lighted, cubicle. In other words, I don’t “take” jobs… I “create” opportunities for myself.

Getting a “job” for me is…

1. Choosing an opportunity that I want to get paid for. That is fun and profitable.
2. Using my brand and expertise to create a paid consultancy or partnership that I want to do.

Far too many people “take” jobs because they think they have to. I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to take a job you don’t want. You need to create a job for yourself, and then go and get it. Here’s how.

Tip #1 – Decide What You Want
Very, very important. You must first decide what you want to do. If your dream job is to be the top banker at your local bank, you need to figure out how you’re going to do that. Now, if you don’t have the experience to get it done, you should choose a goal that is more realistic. If you don’t know what you want to do… what is going to make you happy going to work every day… then you’re never going to get what you want. I would stop right now and sit down and seriously think about this. You will get nothing you want until you realize this.

Tip #2 – Build Your Brand In Your Industry
Remember, creating an opportunity for yourself is all about selling yourself. There is probably not a better way to do this than to become the thought leader or expert in your industry by using a blog to achieve that goal. Again, if you want to be a banker, then guess what, you should probably be blogging about the world of banking and showing the world what you know, and building influence in banking circles.

Look at my friend Joel Cheezman. He blogs about online recruiting. Guess what? He sold a six-figure sponsorship to his blog just from blogging. Watch his video below.

Cheezhead Sells Out

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Tip #3 – Sell Your Brand
Now you need to tell the people who you want to work with that you are qualified. You first show them your blog and your expertise. Build your case. Show off your brand you’ve built.

Tip #4 – Tell Them What You Want
I haven’t gotten to where I am by “taking jobs” off the shelf. Once I decided what it was I wanted to do, I pitched myself to people in the industry and pretty much told them what I wanted.

Example: I want to build a new division of your company, and here’s why I can do it, and here’s the reasons why you should do it, and here’s how it’s going to be successful. I’ve already shown you my expertise, are you interested?

What could they possibly say that could be so bad? No? Big deal. Move on to the next company.

I’ve done this many, many times. Here’s an example of how I got my job at Kowabunga! years and years ago this way.

1. I contacted the CEO and told him I wanted to pitch him and his staff about ways to make their email marketing product and website better. He knew of me through a connection so he said “sure, come on up”.

2. I drove up to Detroit and presented myself and my ideas to him and his staff. I was prepared though. I had a full presentation with all of my ideas laid out. I gave reasons for why my ideas would work. I sold myself.

3. I told the CEO what I wanted. I created a position for myself (Brand director). I pitched a salary, plus I wanted to stay in Cleveland and work remote, benefits, etc… He was either going to agree or not.

4. I got the job offer the next day.

I’ve done this multiple times, and not just for “jobs”. I’ve done this for sweetheart affiliate deals. I’ve done this for equity in companies I’ve wanted to work with. I’ve done this for consultant gigs that pay nicely.

Decide what you want, and take it. I’ve shown you how I’ve done it. It’s actually pretty easy to do. You have to change the way you think though. “Jobs” aren’t want you want. You want “opportunities”. Make one for yourself, and be happier.

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Low - November 15, 2007

Dear Jim how true.

I almost give up make money blogging because those traffics, clicks, leads and all those oh so make money online just don’t work in my blogs. But, last week, the first man who contacted me through one of my niche blog offers an investment to start a new business in my niche. It is like a dream job to me to become a full time entrepreneur in my area of expertise. The negotiations is going up until today despite i am not sure if this will end up as an investment deal, but, it open up the horizon that blogs is more than put some YouTube video, excerpt posts from another blogs, put some affiliate ads and make money online b.s..

However, i would still put affiliate links (and a topspot widget) and continue to make cents. I just get used to commercial blog, i love to see widgets, banners and text links in blogs. The different is, now i don’t care how many traffic, leads & clicks i can get through my blog(s). At least, people who come to my ManUtd blog think i know Manutd, my boardriding blog inform people that i am into boardiring, my humor blog entertain stumblers and my music blog let people know that i acknowledge of some music 2.0.

Your thoughts are all make sense to me. Thank you so much.

Joe F. - November 15, 2007

Damn, that post gets me very excited. How do you focus on an idea though? I have 3 or 4 spinning around in my head, and I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

Jim Kukral - November 15, 2007

@Low, that’s great to hear, good work!

@Joe F., Put all of your ideas down on paper, then rank them two ways. 1. As the most fun, and 2. As the best $$$ potential.

Then pick the one that ranks the highest for both, and then just do it!

Don The Idea Guy - November 16, 2007

Amen, brutha!
My decision process for taking on new projects is in their ability to meet two criteria —
1. Cool projects.
2. Cool people.

The simplest of objectives, but the most challenging to meet!

robb montgomery - November 17, 2007

Yep, Jim is right. It can be done. What is glossed over here is understanding that it can take a while to learn these techniques – particularly if you are a journalist (like me) where selling yourself is not part of the culture.

I suppose it has to be done the right way – the right way for me was actually an accident. I formed a non-profit company three years ago, founded a social network that put other’s people needs to connect ahead of my own and the result is that the people in that network got to know me better. And it raised my profile in the industry world wide. I have only been away from the cubicle for two years, but I have already had to add extra pages in my passport because of all the media clients I have gained overseas. For me – focusing on others first has allowed me to carve out an independent life that is more rewarding than any other career I have had. Maybe that is a focus that will help others, too.

snoreta - January 6, 2009

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women clothings - October 27, 2009

thanks for the tips, i agree to your method. especially the one where we have to first determine our goal on what we want. some people just gets too excited to the point where don't don't know where to start to earn.

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