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I Want To Be Gary Vaynerchuk

Forget the wine. I know nothing about wine. I don’t drink wine. Don’t really even like it unless its got a screw cap and I can buy it at the grocery store every once in a while. So forget wine…

I want to be Gary Vaynerchuk because…

Well, I don’t really want to be him, but I want to be able to entertain like him. I want to be able to engage my readers and viewers like he does. I want to be able to get them to participate and crave my content like he does.

It’s not the wine that makes Gary’s show good… it’s Gary.

It’s his passion for what he’s talking about. It’s his gusto in his delivery and his charm. Ok, this is starting to sound kinda creepy, sorry. I assure you, my “love” for Gary is purely an admiration for all of the things mentioned above. Also his marketing skills. His website is well done and he’s using social media VERY well to drive his brand. I’m learning a lot.

So Gary, thanks for the inspiration as I’m getting ready to do my own daily show soon, and I’m glad to have met you in Vegas. Oh yeah, and thanks for doing the sake episode.

I’ve added the Winelibrary.tv widget to my sidebar so I’m hoping to win the guest seat on Gary’s show. But does he really want someone on there who doesn’t drink wine and who has never tasted anything more than a two buck chuck?

Could be interesting… just saying. Besides, the Browns will have beaten the Jets by that date?

Here’s me interviewing Gary in Vegas last month.

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