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Looking Back To 9/11 With Blog Archives

I started blogging in August 2001 (here’s my Web archive link), a month before 9/11. What a horrible day with mixed emotions for me. That was the day I saw my first child in a sonogram for the first time, then 10-minutes later I watched the WTC towers collapse in a doctor’s waiting room here in Cleveland. An emotional day for me for sure. A severe high, and a severe low.

I was surfing around in my archives and I found my old 9/11 day after post. Here it is word for word.

September 12, 2001

This country will be changed forever. Unfortunately, we will not rest until someone is bombed I believe. I wish there was another way, but I’m not seeing it.

Here’s my hope. I hope that this tragedy educates us and exposes our flaws to ourselves so we can learn.

I hope that this tragedy removes the cloud of arrogance we have as a society of invulnerability.

I hope that this tragedy unites us and makes us stronger.

I hope we all get through this with minimal bloodshed.

I hope my children have a better place to grow up in the future.

I hope all the hero’s of yesterday, and the next few weeks are recognized with the highest honor that true hero’s deserve.

I hope that we don’t take blind action against our fellow citizens of ethnic race.

Most importantly. I hope we unite and stand strong. Only division between our politicians, our citizens and our allies will bring us down.

I’m not going to talk about politics on this blog. But I wanted to post this as I’m still wondering the answer to my own questions.

The point is… Because of blogging, I am able to look back at my past thoughts and relive them, and so can my readers. When was the last time you looked back at your archives? Just another reason why blogging is so powerful.

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