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Note To Hollywood Writers – You Want Money? Make Online Videos

Mashable writes a great piece musing about the growth potential of online video in the middle, or during, this strike by the Hollywood writers. It’s a long piece, worth reading if you have time, however, just take a look at this paragraph I’ve plucked out below. Bold emphasis is mine, for a reason.

So again, I reiterate: if you have plans to do anything at all with online video, right now is the time to crank your efforts into high gear. It won’t be long before the writers themselves realize that they made more money from the AdSense revenue on their latest viral strike video than they did on the last two episodes they wrote. The rush to fill the entertainment void will be on. More importantly, though the totality of the American entertainment audiences are about to be looking for something to do. Give it to them.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to give it to them? Have you bought your flip yet? Geez, what more does everyone need to tell you to convince you that online video is the next Internet gold rush.

“Sure, you say that Jim, but where’s your video show?”

Quite right. Indeed. Well, let me just say that I’m about to announce a new show here at An online video show. I’m putting the final touches on the idea and the marketing of it. I think you’ll like it though. Stay tuned, and grab my blog feed for updates.

Oh yeah, go and buy a flipping video camera and start shooting will ya?

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