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Online Video Ads Mean Big Bucks For You

As is reporting, YouTube overlay ads are beginning to appear all over the place. Want to see it in action? Try this video from Tim Carter. You’ll notice the little yellow bar in the player… that shows where the ad is going to play (if there is one, you may have to refresh as the ads don’t load every time).

Here’s a screen grab of an ad on that video.

Relevant ad for some kind of DIY network.

So why is this important to you?

If you’re not making videos yet, you should be. This is just another reason for you to get started. High-quality videos uploaded to a YouTube channel you create are going to be chosen by advertisers.

Video is wide-open. It’s like Google 5-years ago. Don’t believe me? Go to YouTube and search for any phrase, and do the same search in Google. I’ll do it for you.

I just searched for “debt”. That’s a HUGELY competitive term, right?

On YouTube, there are 5800 results for videos marked with “debt” in tags, titles and description. In Google, there are 185 MILLION results.

Which one do you think is going to be easier to climb to the top of?

A high-quality, well tagged video can get onto the first page, and sometimes the top listing on YouTube in 24-hours or less. I do it every week, for highly competitive search terms. Nobody else is doing it yet… nobody.

I’m telling you now… you’re either going to do it today, or wait until everyone else does it first, than play catch up… again. Get your video camera today and start making videos.

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