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There Absolutely Is A Secret Formula To Making Money Online

Met John Chow at Blogworld. Nice guy. He does his “making money online” thing very well. But he’s wrong. There absolutely is a secret formula to making money online. I don’t understand why he posted this.

Every once in a while I’ll come across a comment or an email asking me to stop writing about my personal ramblings and stick to making money online posts because that’s what I’m good at and that is what the readers want to learn. They want me to reveal to them the secret formula that will unleash all the Internet riches. They don’t want to know what I had for lunch or dinner.

There Is No Secret Formula

I can think of about 10 “secret formulas” to being successful online. In fact, I gave at least three of them away in my packed room presentation at Blogworld where John was sitting in the front row. You must have been sleeping John? :)

Seriously, making money online is all about formulas. In my presentation I called this one the “secret sauce”. Here you go, free of charge, straight outta my presentation.

Targeted Niche + High Quality Content That Solves Problems + Good Ad Placement = Online Profit!

I went on to show three specific ways to monetize in this model.

Now to be fair, I think John was being a big tongue and cheek. Later in his post he did say.

Making money online can summed up in four words as well: Get traffic, optimize ads. There. I’ve just given you the secret formula to getting rich on the internet.

John’s statement is true in part, but has flaws.

1. You can’t “get traffic” without a “formula”, and that formula needs to be what I showed you above.

2. For someone who is making a living off of “making money online”, to say that there is no formula seems a bit disingenuous to me.

I won’t even get into my thoughts on how traffic is b.s.

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