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What Problem Does Facebook Solve?

A few days ago I sorta quit Twittering, reading or writing. I’m still off the Twitter crack, for now, but now that I’m feeling refreshed like a summer’s breeze again, I am wondering if it’s time to just dump Facebook too.

I’m like the Heat-Mizer of social tools!

I swear this isn’t linkbait (Sam). You’ve heard me say this privately. I don’t “get” Facebook. At least Twitter was awesomely useful to me, despite being overwhelming.

Facebook to me is like a nice, more “friendly” version of Linkedin.

But at least Facebook is free.

So do I need to get rid of Facebook? The answer is no, but what do I really need it for? I don’t really go there more than once every few days, and that’s just to accept new friends, check a few spammy messages and see what everyone updated to.

I’ve heard friends tell me they are using Facebook hours out of every day… Doing what? Seriously.

Perhaps I’m just a fuddy-duddy. Perhaps I’m missing something. Besides being a glorified contact database for me, what other problems does it solve for me? I can’t figure it out.

The best tools and services are those that solve problems for me. I’m struggling to figure out where Facebook fits in that equation for me.

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