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Does Your Product Or Service “Just Work”?

You know your product or service is great (far above average) when you can get someone to say…

“It just works”.

That’s it. It’s the highest compliment you can get.

“It just works” is a very powerful phrase in this day and age. Especially when it comes to choosing between several items you may be shopping for. Case in point.

I have been researching whether or not to upgrade my Sony Vegas from 7.0 to 8.0 Pro. So I did some researching around and in a forum I caught this comment. Bold is mine.

It’s user interface and workflow are unsurpassed in my opinion, assembling a movie is way easier than in other programs. Thus, it’s very stable and “just works”.


Does your product or service “just work”? Sometimes that’s all you really need to do. Create a strong product and make it the best it can be and make sure it does what it says it does.

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John Hunter - December 29, 2007

There is truth to that statement. I think largely do to how bad so many products are – that they don’t actually work. The Kano model of customer satisfaction is an excellent way to view customer expectations.

The Kano model states that you have expected quality = it just works. Then more is better type – give me more at the same price and I am happier. But where you really want to get as a company is products and services that delight customers.

When you are delighted you are not easy prey to other companies. When you are satisfied you are ready for offers that say we will give it to you a bit cheaper or give you a bit more. But if you are delighted you don’t want to leave and instead are telling everyone you know how great this product or service is.

I think it might be that in many cases now people are delighted if things just work – since it is such a huge bother to deal with junk that doesn’t work and the thought of dealing with the lousy service on such failures is enough to drive them to tears.

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