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Google, & You, Need To Learn How To Make Things Easier

Google has decided that they’re going to allow you to create sitemaps for them for your video content. This is great news. I’m in. Let’s do it.

So I head over to the page explaining how to make them, and I’m stopped dead in my tracks.

Are you kidding me? It’s way too complicated.

So this post really isn’t about Google’s new video sitemaps. It’s a post about why companies make things too hard to do unnecessarily, using Google as a good example.

Google should never have released this without some type of easy-to-use video sitemap creator tool. Same with their other sitemaps too. I should be able to go to this page, then have a little tool, either a web admin or download, that I can insert my video url’s into, which would make me a coded sitemap for submission.

Done. Easy.

But they don’t do that.

Remember, if you want your stuff to be used, you have to make it easy for them. Today’s world is filled with endless distractions. The truly successful solutions are ones that make things easy.

When was the last time you looked at something you were doing objectively? Do you make it easy for your customers, or your readers/viewers?

Ever wonder why you’re not getting more people to interact with you, or use your online tool? Did you ever think about if you’ve made it easy enough? You should.

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