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Guide To Speaking At Industry Events

Want to be asked to speak at industry events? It’s pretty simple, you just have to first figure out how to get your chance to speak… then most importantly…

You have to figure out how to not suck.

I have spoken at many industry events over the past 5-years or so, and I can tell you that the MAIN reason I get asked back is because I…

A. Don’t sales pitch
B. Don’t read a PowerPoint
C. Provide actionable, helpful tips and tricks and knowledge you can take back to your office and use right away

That’s my formula, and it works. Which is why I keep getting asked to speak more and more.

Why bring this up? Well, my friend Stephanie sent me over a link from Brent Tabke of Pubcon that lays out the rules of not sucking while speaking at events. This is a must read if you ever want to be asked to speak at an event.

You may especially enjoy, as I did, the “how to speak with a hangover” tips at the end of the piece. Good, true stuff.

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