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I Work In Bursts, How About You?

I’m what you would call a “burst” worker. Instead of planning out a bunch of ideas and scheduling them to be done on certain dates and in certain order, I instead aggregate a bunch of thoughts over time, then when I feel ready, I quickly push all of them into production and get them done as fast as possible with tweaking to come after.

I’m an Internet geek marketer with information overload.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

All in about 8-hours or so of working time. Tomorrow I may do nothing except catch up on RSS feeds and check email. This is how I work.

Now I know this is probably not the most productive way to get things done. A smart person probably plans out their tasks and goals and sets dates for them. I can understand how that can be much more productive.

How do you “get stuff done”? I’m interested to hear how other people accomplish their tasks. Maybe you’ll give everyone a tip we can all use. I’m open to change. :)

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