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Lease Your Blog, Make Money?

Pretty smart idea coming from the Creative Weblogging team. Lease your blog! Found over at BlogHerald. Chock this one up as another creative online marketing idea that impressed me.

If you think leasing was only for cars, buildings and office space, think again. You can now lease your blog to Creative Weblogging. This could be a good alternative to selling blogs outright, or applying for a blogging position with a blog network. The arrangement is basically for CW to market your blog, and to provide technical, administrative and creative support to your blog at their expense.

Why would you do this? They argue.

Simply – It’s more fun together, less hassle and often more money for you. We pay for all services surrounding your blog. You ‘just’ blog – we do not interfere with what you write at all. Also we help you to make your blog even more famous and after ‘the lease’ is over you can sell your blog to whoever you wish.

But what’s more compelling to me is what they bring to the table.

What we bring to the table:

– We’ll integrate your site into the existing network of 135+ blogs.

– We plug you into the group of editors and give you help from the team on how to build your site further.

– We’ll pitch your site to our existing audience and advertisers.

– We pay per article (around $7 per post) or depending on your blog way more.

– We pay a page view bonus of $1 per 1000 page views (as reported in Google Analytics).

– Fully redundant hosting

– Nice layout and structure of your blog plus some great extras like email newsletters and ratings.

– We pay for all marketing and guest bloggers if you wish to bring them on.

I would consider this a good idea for many of you out there. Worth checking out.

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