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Mark Cuban – Success & Motivation – A MUST Read

Head on over and read this amazing series that sums up how Mark MADE himself a success. Again, he MADE it.

I particularly like this part from the end of part 3 where he talks about just finding out that his secretary ripped off his entire bank account ($83k to be exact)… Bold is mine.

I got back to the office, told Martin what happened at the bank, and then I realized what I had to do about all of this. I had to go back to work. That what was done, was done. That worrying about revenge, getting pissed at the bank, all those “I’m going to get even and kick your ass thoughts” were basically just a waste of energy. No one was going to cover my obligations but me. I had to get my ass back to work, and do so quickly. That’s exactly what I did.

Indeed. Leave the negativity behind. Go back to work, follow your passion and believe and move forward.

In talking about his past, many, failures…

With every effort, I learned a lot. With every mistake and failure, not only mine, but of those around me, I learned what not to do. I also got to study the success of those I did business with as well. I had more than a healthy dose of fear, and an unlimited amount of hope, and more importantly, no limit on time and effort.

Great stuff.

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