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Online Videos Convert For My Marketing Consulting Business

I just finished writing up a piece over at ReveNews about how online video converts… well. I’m sure you’re getting the point I keep driving in, over and over, and over?

Online video is where it’s at. Check out this chart.

As I said at ReveNews…

So first look at the left pie chart on the left. 59% of the people surveyed admitted to having seen a video on the Internet. Not sure what planet the “I don’t know” 14% live on.

Now to the right. Of those 59% who watched an online video…

22% requested information, 18% went to a store, 15% made a purchase, 9% signed up for a trial, 3% ordered a subscription

Would you call those conversion goals? Would you kill for those off-the-chart conversion numbers? I sure as heck would!

Let me tell you a story about video conversion. I created these five simple videos with my home camera earlier this year. I shot them in my office, with lights I bought from the Home Depot for $50.

Each short video was done without a script, in one take, and took me about 10 minutes to shoot. Here’s one of those videos.

These simple videos promoting my online marketing consulting business consistently generate about 3-5 consulting phone calls A WEEK! No advertising at all.

People are finding my videos on YouTube. Yes, I said they are searching in YouTube and finding me, and then calling me (converting). The best part is, they call me and say, “Your video talked “to” me. I watched it and immediately felt that you understand my problems and could help me, so I called.”

Powerful? I think so.

Make a video today. You won’t regret it.

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