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Search Engine Marketing Comes To The Discount Rack

Search is getting so big, even Sam’s Club wants in on the action?

Apparently it’s not enough to sell pallets of Cheez Wiz and fried mozzarella sticks at deep discount rates. Now, when you visit Sam’s Club, you can get your 80-pack of tube socks… AND…

Get your website search engine optimized at the same time! How awesome is that!!!

Word of advice… you get what you pay for. Choose a search firm that actually has a reputation and doesn’t also want to sell you discounted ho-ho’s at the same time.

I’m not sure I understand the thinking here. Why move into selling services? I realize they are partnering with an outside firm to get it done, but at what point as a business do you have to stop and say, “Let’s just be good at what we do, and not try to sell everything to everyone?”

When I think of Sam’s Club, I think of discounts and bulk. I do not get the same feeling when shopping for a SEO firm.