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Top 5 Reasons You Won’t You Start Doing Online Video

Everyone has an excuse for not wanting to do online video. Take my friend Kevin for example.

Kevin is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. But I can’t convince him to get himself on video. If you aren’t reading Kevin’s blog about his life in Santa Barbara, California, then you’re missing one of the funniest, sarcastic and clever blogs out there today.

The guy is a natural performer and entertainer, yet… no matter what I do, no matter what I say…I can’t get him to pick up a video camera of any type and film himself.

My fight with Kevin got me thinking about the reasons why people don’t start making online videos.

Here’s my short list of reasons why most people won’t do online videos…

#5 – I Don’t Know What To Say
Bad excuse. You write a blog don’t you? You express yourself through words, right? So picking up a camera is only a little different. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just start filming yourself. You don’t even have to show it anyone at first if you don’t want.

#4 – I Look Stupid On Camera
I’ll never understand this one. You look… like you look. You talk to people every day face-to-face, so why worry about people you don’t even see who are watching you? You do leave the house right? People do see you. Get over it.

#3 – It’s Too Hard To Figure Out How To Make Videos
The technology we have today makes it easier than ever. Try the Flip video camera, or try Seesmic, or try the new upload video tool at Magnify. You can spend about $30 for a webcam to get started.

#2 – I Don’t Know How To Write A Video Script
I don’t write scripts for my videos. I have an idea about something to say, and I turn on the camera and I say it. Yes, half the time my words come out not as good as they would on a written post, but I guarantee you my video posts are more effective because they are real. One trick I use is to simply bullet point out my thoughts on a piece of paper or a sticky note and paste it where I can see and go through point by point.

#1 – I’m Scared To Try It
This is the number one reason people tell me they don’t want to start making online videos. I believe it’s a combination of the things mentioned above, and believe me, I completely understand. When I first started doing videos over a year ago I was really critical of myself and was worried my videos would be stupid.

But you know what? After time I realized that what I’m doing is better, or as good, at 99% of the stuff that’s out there already. There are no mistakes right now in video world. Why? Because nobody (in the grand scheme of things) is really doing it yet. We are all pioneers in this thing.

Got anymore reasons why you don’t want to start doing online videos? Share them here.

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