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TV Commercials Suck, Good Or Bad, They’re A Time Waster

Who are these people watching all of the commercials on recorded programs? Because I don’t, ever. I watch so little TV nowadays, that when I do, it’s because I know I can watch more because I don’t have to be a slave to their schedule, and I can just fast-forward through the commercials and get more watching done, faster.

In fact, I’m thinking I need to invent a device that puts a counter on the screen that shows me how long until the commercials are over, just so I don’t blast too fast through them, which happens nightly at my house. We can’t get through them fast enough, so we go on super 4x speed, and almost always blast over into the show we’re watching. Annoying.

Side note: I know programmers and commercial makers are onto this, because they switch the way they display commercials sometimes now. Usually, in the past, you could see a station identification promo right before the show would start, so you knew that’s when to stop forwarding. Now they have begun to adjust when they show those. Anyway, I’m onto you commercial programmer dude. You suck.

This report (need login, how dumb) can’t be true can it? Only 13.8% of DVR users “time-shift” through commercials? No way that’s accurate. I don’t know one single person who watches commercials if they are watching it back on a DVR. Do you?

Yet another study argues that most DVR owners watch most of their TV live, and don’t skip commercials. Interpublic’s Magna Global says that just 13.8% of all viewing in DVR homes is time-shifted, MediaPost reports.

And no, it cannot be because “Advertisers have already adapted to the DVRs and have suddenly begun creating innovative and compelling ads which are worth watching”. The ads still stink, well, 90% of them.

Let’s take a poll. If you have a DVR device, do you watch the commercials?

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