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Twitter Should Be A Two-Way Conversation, Not One-Way Like Most Use It

A few weeks ago I quit Twitter because the information overload was too much for me. Now today I’m reading posts talking about how Twitter is referring tons of traffic to certain people’s blogs like Jeremiah.

I completely agree. I LOVE Twitter. I quit it because I was unable to feel like I could keep up with the conversations. There was too much to take in.

So should I go back to Twitter-land?

Well, I’ve thought about it, but here’s what’s stopping me.

I don’t think it’s fair to have a one-sided conversation. For example, there are certain “big name” bloggers who have thousands of followers, but do not reciprocate, or follow, those users back.

You know who you are.

To me, that’s crap. So I should let a few thousand people follow what I have to say, and not listen to what they have to say in return? Bogus. To me, Twitter is a two-way communication tool, and you’re either going to participate both ways, or you shouldn’t participate at all in my opinion. It’s common courtesy?

Do I have a point or what? I think I do. And if you agree with me, how can you possibly find the time and effort to stay up on thousands of Tweets a day?

If you disagree with me, answer this. Is it ok to use Twitter to just dump your life out for everyone else to read and not care what anyone else is saying?

I want to go back to Twitter, and if I do, I’ll just talk to myself and not listen to anyone else? Seems… wrong?

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