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Video Blog Or Web Show – What’s The Difference?

Today on the Video Ninjas radio show, Steve and I talked quite a bit about online videos and entertainment. Specifically, we talked about the difference between a “web show”, and a “video blog”. Not that it really matters what the difference is… I just like talking about it.

What’s A Video Blog?

A video blog, to me, is something like 1938media, or Chris Brogan’s Attention Upgrade. Samples below.

I consider these more “unedited streams of consciousness” where you turn on the camera and start talking. Usually you film yourself wherever you are at the moment, and usually you’re basically unscripted beyond a simple idea of what you want to say.

What’s A Web Show?

I think a web show is more like what Gary V is doing. Or what ZEfrank was doing with the show. A web show is somewhat, or fully scripted. In other words, you have a list of things you want to talk about, and you move through them one by one, either reading through a bulleted list of things or off a teleprompter. A web show is also usually shot on a single set location. Lastly, a web show usually includes more intro and title graphics.

Again, I don’t think that it really matters, nor do I wish to be the person who is snooty enough to want to own some type of classification on the difference. I simply am trying to point out what I see in the world of online video entertainment.

The Daily Flip will be more of a web show I think, based upon my own thoughts above.

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