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Web Video Advertising – How Much Does It Cost?

Daisy Whitney wrote a very nice article at WebVideoReport.com about costs associated with running video ads, or ads on video on some big sites.

She looked at ad-rates and ad options for a few sites, including the Wall Street Journal, YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace and a few others.

Summary: Get your your wallet and open wide. YouTube won’t even talk to you unless you’re going to spend $50k.

The company said on its site: “Currently you can apply to advertise directly with YouTube if you’re willing to spend a minimum of $50K and you’re interested in running a large branded campaign. This advertising option requires an authorized contract or purchase order with YouTube, and ads are served on a reservation-purchase basis, rather than the AdWords auction model.”

Other sites like MySpace will give you a lower CPM ($25), but I’m sure they also have a minimum buy.

What she didn’t cover is that you will also have other costs like someone to serve your video like Doubleclick or Eyeblaster, who usually charge anywhere from $2.00-$5.00 CPM. You also have the costs of having a web video produced, etc… No, it’s not cheap, but video works.

Great guide though. Check it out.

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