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Who Inspires You To Be Better At What You Do?

I’m driven by other marketers who inspire me to be more creative. These people push me to try harder, and in the end, I’m better for it. One of those people is Shawn Collins.

Shawn inspires me daily with his videos and his marketing ideas and his general attitude of having fun as a marketer. I mean, the guy really knows how to connect with his audience.

Check out this video he did with his kids. He made a post on his blog saying he was retiring from Affiliate Marketing (great hook headline for him), then put up a video of a fake press conference with his kids asking the questions. Very effective.

Watch this.

His promotion of his projects and conference always make me jealous of his ideas. It seems that every month I get a unique item from him via snail maril or email that is tied into some clever marketing campaign pushing me back to his blog or website.

Thanks Shawn, and keep up the inspirational work. It drives me to try new things and reminds me to have more fun.

What about you? What do you do for inspiration? Do other people or companies help you push the envelope on your creative efforts? Name them here if you wish.

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