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YouTube Should Have Dumped Perez Hilton A Long Time Ago

So Perez Hilton is taking his videos off of YouTube after being slighted about a copyright violation. Heck, I don’t blame him. He only made about $5k from 25 million video views? I’d leave to. But that story is boring. Fine, take down your videos. Here’s his pissy YouTube video. Feh, so entertaining?

Let’s talk about his videos, because they’re crap. YouTube should have dumped them off their network a long time ago, yet, they didn’t. The question is… why?

Because YouTube is still trying to figure out what they are. On one hand they want all the juicy celebrity copyright infringed stuff, and on the other hand, they don’t. It’s time to decide GooTube.

I’ve been wanting YouTube to launch a business type channel for a long time, yet I don’t see any word about that. Where’s the love for the professionals’ Tubers?

I realize that the vast majority of your viewers want to see Britney crotch videos, but c’mon, let’s get it together, the rest of the professional world does not. It’s almost as if I feel dirty uploading video to YouTube that is somewhat professionally produced and is good quality video.

It’s time for YouTube to decide. Are you going to cater to the Perez Hilton’s of the world forever? I hope not, because I expect more. Or is it just me?

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