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Ted Murphy Of PayPerPost Is A Fucking Marketing Genius!

After I wrote this post 30 minutes ago, I went to wash the dishes before I put my kids to bed. As I was washing I had an epiphany.

Ted Murphy of PayPerPost is a fucking marketing genius!


The Scoble thing nailed it for me. Checkmate. Game over people.

I used to dislike PPP, but now, well, I think I must start rooting for them as I admire Ted Murphy for his marketing skills. Think about it for a moment. I have followed it from the start, and I estimate that the work Ted has done has generated close to half a million dollars in free, yes, free publicity for his company since the get go. Possibly more?

Don’t believe it? Look at this press page. Then do a search on Technorati and Google blog search.

Love them, or hate them. Ted Murphy is a marketing rock star. Un-f-ing, believable the coverage he has procured for that company. Write a book Ted, I’ll read it.

It’s Saturday & I Couldn’t Give A Shit About Scoble Pimping PayPerPost

But guess what? Many people apparantely do. The Techmeme coverage proves it.


Look, Scoble disclosed it, and you know what? It’s business. He made a business decision based on money.

News Flash: Scoble and the other big guns are not real bloggers. They are brands. Real bloggers are 63 million people who write a blog about office furniture or their day at work. It’s a huge difference.

Let’s all stop with this PayPerPost chatter as well. I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, (did I say ever?), ever seen a company get so much press without a big media budget.

People, the deception is gone, this discussion should be over, let’s move on? Business is business. The real blogosphere doesn’t give a shit, either do I.

Jeremy Zawodny Commits Headline Terrorism On Andy Beal

What else are we gonna call it? Honestly, what Jeremy did is the worst thing you can do to someone in the online business, and that is to insinuate negative things, purposely, through a link-bait headline. Case in point.

He wrote, and I quote, ‘Andy Beal Spamming MyBlogLog?’. Link.

andy-beal-small.jpgFor those of you who don’t know Andy Beal, he’s a well-known and respected search engine marketing expert. So to drop a headline with his name, and the word “spamming” together, well, that’s just being a dick. Or as we say in Ohio… Dickish. Sometimes otherwise referred to as well as “being a douchebag”. Nice work Jeremy.

Shoemoney says

I feel bad for Andy because being a whitehat seo is his business and he has a good name for doing “whitehat” seo work. This is hardly spamming its more like creative marketing (well that is my opinion). Anyway why try to call him out like that? Why not just shoot him a email and save yourself the embaresment after MyBlogLog had already given the ok?

JZ I have so much respect for you as a mysql contributor but I think you were way off on this one man.

Couldn’t agree more SM. With friends like JZ… geez.

More coverage at Techmeme.com.

Free Social Media Tools Radio Discussion, Mon, Jan. 29, 8pm EST

It’s looking like a BIG radio week for me. On Tuesday I have radio and online success guru David Lawrence on my own radio show, and on Monday night I’m part of a panel entitled ‘Nut’s and BlogBolts ‘A Conversation on Social Media Tools’, to be heard live on Blogtalkradio.

blog radio

January 29: at 8:00 pm Eastern; 5:00 pm Pacific

Blog Talk Radio hosts a 2 hour special roundtable discussion, with leading members in the blogosphere, on Social Media Tools. Kami Huyse from Communication Overtones, Jim Kukral from ReveNews, Shawn Collins from Affiliate Summit, Scott Baradell from Media Orchard and Mandie Crawford from Roaring Women.

This special Social Media Tools roundtable is hosted by Mike Sansone from ConverStations and yours truly, Wayne Hurlbert from right here at Blog Business World

The Nut’s and BlogBolts show for February will be on Business and Name Branding and the line up includes, Derrick Daye from Branding Strategy Insider, John Moore from Brand Autopsy, Mike Wagner from The White Rabbit Group, Drew McLellan from The Marketing Minute, and Valeria Maltoni from Conversation Agents. Of course your hosts once again are Mike Sansone and Wayne Hurlbert.

If you miss this very informative special show presentation, it will be available for download as a podcast for iPod, iTunes, and MP3 players; or play it right on your computer. To download this, or any other special rountable events, go to the Nut’s and BlogBolts Host Page and click on Archived Segments. Once there, click on the podcast icon at the end of the episode description, to download the show free of charge for your listening enjoyment. You can also subscribe to the show feed.

David Lawrence, Online Radio Guru Appearing On Jim Kukral’s Radio Show

Mark your calendar. I have a very special guest appearing on my radio show on January 30th at 4pm est, Dial In Number: (646) 915-9539. Perhaps you’ve heard of radio giant David Lawrence, heard nightly live online and on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Road Dog 147, and on XM Satellite Radio’s Open Road 171 as well as on AM and FM stations across the country?

davidlawrence.jpgOf course you have, and I’m proud to say that David, the man, the myth, himself will appear on my radio show for a half hour discussion of well, just about anything related to online success, maybe particularly about being an online radio star. This is your chance to call in live and ask David a question, don’t miss it.

David Lawrence’s show is billed as ‘Pop culture, technology and humor, served up nightly from LA’. And yes, it sure is all of those things.

Maybe you heard David’s latest interview with CEO of Godaddy.com, Bob Parsons?

Or you could go back and listen to me as Awesome Jim and my partner Awesome Dave talk about Awesomemillion.com.


Because quite simply, David is both a radio star, and an online success. He’s built his brand around both things, and can certainly help you understand how to do that as well. This guys knows what he’s talking about, and he’s agreed to give us a half hour to pick his brain.

Remember, the show is at 4pm est on Tuesday, Jan. 30th. Dial In Number: (646) 915-9539.

Free Online Marketing Radio Show: The Idea Lady, Cathy Stucker @ 1pm, EST

Tuesday’s guest (@ 1pm EST, Jan 16, please call in! (646) 915-9539) on Free Online Marketing Ideas Radio Show is Cathy Stucker, a lady with a lot of ideas. In fact, she’s branded herself as the IdeaLady.com. Should be a great show, full of free advice, so call in.


More About Cathy…

As the Idea Lady, Cathy Stucker helps authors, professionals and entrepreneurs attract customers and make themselves famous with techniques that make marketing easy, inexpensive and even fun!

Cathy has appeared on television and radio programs from coast to coast. She has been featured in articles by the New York Times, the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal’s CareerJournal.com, CNNfn.com, Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, and many other leading newspapers and magazines.

Cathy writes a weekly newspaper column on marketing and is the author of numerous books, eguides, audio programs and more.

You can get more free marketing ideas from Cathy when you subscribe to her newsletter at http://www.IdeaLady.com/

Show Me Your Business Card, & I’ll Show You Mine

Sam tagged me to show off my business card. The problem is that I have 3 business cards at the moment (JimKukral.com, ReveNews & Forge/BlogKits), and they’re all pretty boring. So instead of scanning in those cards and showing them here, I figured I’d just design a new card that encapsulated my primary projects and contact information, specifically built for giving out at trade shows.


The idea behind this card design is to A.) Show my face so people remember me, B.) Remind the person who I represent and C.) Give the person a reminder and note area to notate what they need to follow up with me about.

Nothing fancy Nancy. Sorta similar to Shawn’s card, but less busy.

So now I gotta tag three peeps eh? Ok, I tag the following.

Eric Marcoullier of Mybloglog

Wade Tonkin of AffiliateWarrior

Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends

You will burn in heck for starting this Harrelson, by the gods!

I Couldn’t Give A Crap About The iPhone

How’s that for a headline! Say it with a scottish accent, emphasis ‘crap’, it’s fun. Seriously, what is the big deal with this? I just don’t get it. Yeah, it’s cool looking and all that, but can it teleport me to Japan, or can it launch me into space or is it just a stupid phone with some audio/video stuff built in?


Answer: It’s a stupid phone, that’s overpriced and won’t even be used by hardly anyone who isn’t either a super Apple fan-boy or some tech-gadget geeks. C’mon, it’s like $500 bucks people, and that doesn’t even include your monthly Cingular bill and data rates.

But… I’m not naive enough to really believe all that I just said. It’s VERY obvious (watching Techmeme coverage) that people do care about this, after seeing the onslaught of online chatter about this over the past week, you’d have to be crazy to not believe that for some reason people really care about this.

I suppose a lot has to do with the Apple brand. For me, it’s just a fancy phone, big f-ing deal.

Donate $100k For Premium Ad Space On Jason Calacanis’s Blog

Super blog powers unite! Shape of… a big juicy charitable blog meme!

I can feel something starting to happen. A meme you say Jim? Yes, Shawn, a meme! Earlier today I wrote about how bloggers like Jason Calacanis and others could/should be selling ads or sponsorships, or whatever they can, on their blogs for the simple sake of giving the money they don’t need to charity.


I mean, why not? If you can help people with your blog super powers, why not, right?

Well, check it out. It appears we might have something going here. Turns out Jason bought into the idea and is offering space on his blog for a $100k donation to a local school.

Jim says I’m throwing away 100k by not having ads on my personal blog. That’s probably a little high since I only get 5k page views a day/200k a month. At a $25 RPM that would be $5,000 a month/$60,000 a year.

Anyway, the reason I don’t sell the space on my blog is because:

a) I don’t have the time to sell it
b) I like the way the clean design looks
c) I make money building profitable businesses, not selling ads on my business card (and that’s what I consider my blog to be).

That being said, if someone wants to sponsor my blog I will give them three ad units on the page and a huge hug if they donate $100,000 to the Bay Ridge Prep Opportunity scholarship fund (the same one that PodTech and Godaddy sponsor for my podcast–oh yeah, time to do one!).

The scholarship goes to folks who could never afford a private school education, but who the school feels could really benefit from it. So, it’s not an academic scholarship for folks who have amazing grades, its a scholarship for folks who didn’t get dealt the best hand in life.


Game on. Our job is to find that buyer for Jason. How do we get started? I want to see this followed through, and those kids get that money. Any advice? Maybe we could get three or more companies to pool the money and share the ads? Let’s work this out!

Then we’ll put the pressure on Seth, Mark, Guy and Scoble too :)