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The Big Boys Of Blogging Could Be Rich…er

Today over at my BlogKits blog I wrote about how 5 of today’s big top bloggers are leaving close to half a million bucks on the table by not monetizing their blogs. The piece was interesting because I enlisted the feedback from several expert online marketers who provided detailed advice and projections about the topic.

Even Seth Godin himself left a comment on the blog entry, check it out.

If Robert Scoble, Jason Calacanis, Mark Cuban, Guy Kawasaki & Seth Godin monetized their blogs and let an online marketing expert professionally optimize them, they could collectively earn half a million dollars a year. Or at least that’s what BlogKits estimates, along with some other top online marketing/blogging experts. View all of that data below.

Oh yeah, I launched the BlogKits BIG Blog $$$ Survey today. If you have a blog, take a minute to add your thoughts?

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The Cheeze Comes To My Radio Show Today @ 1pm

Today’s guest (@ 1pm EST, please call in! (646) 915-9539) on Free Online Marketing Ideas Radio Show is Joel Cheesman, award-winning blogger and fellow Clevelander, and yes, creative online marketer. Joel and I will be talking about a few of his projects, as well as a very interesting story about Joel auctioning himself off on eBay.


Cheezhead author Joel Cheesman, president of HRSEO and Oaseo, is one of the most widely-read bloggers on emerging recruitment issues in the world. He was the recipient of Recruiting.com’s Best Technology Recruitment Blog for 2005 and received Best Recruiting Blog in 2007. He has been featured in Fast Company magazine and its blog under FC Reads, as well as NewsNow, Workforce Management, AIRS and Crain’s Business.

Joel’s blog is a daily chronicle of how the Internet and technology are shaping human resources and how organizations can attract the talent needed to thrive in tomorrow’s economy. As an employee and insider of some of America’s biggest online job sites since 1997, Joel founded HRSEO to help employers and companies in the recruitment space move to a world where search engines deliver high quality and cost-effective traffic.

Video About Joel

Joel Cheesman Interview

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Ten Online Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Turns out a podcast I did with Small Business Trends Radio last year made the top 10 list for the year! Here’s a direct link to my podcast and info page. It was entitled ‘Ten Online Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.’ View entire list here.

I was podcasted on Small Business Trends Radio

In this edition of the Small Business Trends Radio show, host Anita Campbell has as her guest in this conversation, internet marketing guru, Jim Kukral of Revenews.com. Jim makes his living helping others be successful with online marketing.

This conversation is terrific because whatever your experience level, there is valuable information and advice for you. Jim starts off with defining and discussing some commonly used terms like: Email Marketing, Blogging, Search Engine Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Then he moves into the Top 10 Online Marketing Mistakes list — done in David Letterman style. Let me share with you a few of the Top 10. Keep in mind he provides much more than the listed items, but also details behind why they are mistakes and how to do it right.

Doppelganger Watch: Jimmy Kukral Spotted Buying Skiis

I have always been fascinated with people who share my name. Fortunately for me, now with the Internet I am able to monitor my name showing up anywhere in the world through Google and Yahoo news alerts. If you don’t use this technique, you’re missing out. You can, for free, setup news alerts on your name, your company names, your competitors, etc.. Anyone. I have about 30 setup and have it set to email me immediately when a “hit” is found. Go to http://news.google.com/ and click on the “News Alerts” link in the left hand side to set up your own.

Today I got notified that “Jimmy Kukral, 15, checks out skis at Outdoor Traders yesterday. He expects some ski trips he was planning to take to be canceled because of the unusually warm winter.”

The funny thing is, I know for a fact that there is yet another Jim Kukral living right here in NE Ohio, but have never met. Would worlds collide and the universe implode if we in fact did meet?


I Invented Something Today: Vlog-terviews

Check out my first vlog-terview over at my ReveNews blog. It’s a video blog interview with Loren Feldman of 1938media.com.

I’m inventing, I think, a new form of online interview that I’m calling “Vlog-terviews”. Get it? “Vlogs” (video blogs) plus “Interviews”. Ok, maybe it needs a new name, I’ll work on it. A Vlog-terview is when you interview someone by sending them questions and asking them to respond via video. (Note: i was going to lead into the Vlog-terview with my own video, but my camera decided to get the flu today).

For my first Vlog-terview, I enlisted the help of Loren Feldman of 1938media.com, who if you haven’t seen his vlog yet, you should really go check it out. Loren is pushing the boundaries of entertaining (mostly) online social media through his vlog. He is a prime example of how easy it really is to make a name for youself very quickly using new web techniques. It also helps that he’s funny, sometimes.

I asked Loren 5 simple questions, and got back 5, slightly snarky, simple answers. What did I expect eh? All in all, there’s not much meat to this first Vlog-terview, but hey, it’s the first one. Thanks for being my first Loren, I’ll always remember you. :o By the way Loren, it’s pronounced “koo-kral”.

Vlog Fights: Free Online Marketing/Business Idea #2

I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time now, but today Wired (Michael Calore) helped me finally get it out there. They wrote a piece called ‘ Best Blogfights of 2006‘.


If bloggers know how to do one thing really well, it’s fight.

Blogging is driven largely by raw emotion. When a blogger goes on an opinionated tirade about one topic or another, it’s often an honest emotional reaction rather than anything malicious. But whatever the motivation behind them, the heated missives often ignite furious debates, played out in public, complete with contradictory Alexa charts and Technorati rank data served up as evidence.

We prefer our action bare-knuckled, so we’ll maintain that the best blog boxing matches are the ones fought with no empirical data — just good old-fashioned name calling, hearsaying and muckraking.

Take off the gloves and get in the ring. These were the best (and bloodiest) blogfights of 2006.


It would be a site similar to http://bloggingheads.tv/, that pits bloggers against one another in video format. Sort of like a blog cage match like Wayne suggests in his battle with Loren from 1938media.

I would either let bloggers register and create their own matches, or let the community vote to see which matches they wanted to see. Each match would be released on the site in video form in a two-column spread, with each video from each person on either side, with the issue above for reference.

A reader could then watch each video individually and then vote for which participant “won”. Tons of other stuff you could do with this too, would be a fun site to work on and build. Load the site up with Adsense ads for revenue and let the bloggers who participate generate the buzz for you on their own blogs.

Again, if someone builds this, I’ll expect my check please. :)

Finally, An Honest Website That Isn’t Shy About Ripping You Off

Tired of being ripped off by crazy websites like Pixelotto, Adcubes, FurbySays.com, 500words.com & Quest for the million?. Well, there’s a new website in town that wants you to pay them a dollar to be ripped off, and they’re honest about it. Visit CompleteRipoff.com.

The site asks you to give them a dollar for “absolutely nothing”.

What do you get for your dollar? Absolutely nothing, really. Seriously.

Disclaimer: Yeah, this is my website. It’s funny, yo.

Would You Change Your Name For $30k?

This guy would, and will, officially on Groundhog Day in 07.


My name is Scott MacDonald (for now) and on February 2nd, 2007 I will change my name to whatever the highest bidder decides!

I think this is is pretty clever, and heck, it’s working too. The current bid is $36,789.10 to change his name to “Finest Freshest Fastest” by a company called CupOJoeOnline.com. I can’t imagine paying that kind of money for a publicity stunt without guarantees that I’d get the warranted publicity, but… you never know, if this blows up like the MDHP they win out big time long-run. Still though, try explaining that media buy to your board of investors.

Hats off to Scott for a creative marketing idea. I’d try this scheme, but then someone would end up making me change my name to “Fukral”, so I’d be Fukral Kukral.

Free Online Marketing Ideas Radio Show Recap – January 2, 2007

I just wrapped my first radio show of 2007, making this the 4th show so far. You can listen to the latest show here on my Blogtalkradio host page.


Not much to tell about today’s show. No callers yet again, but my stats showed at least 10 live listeners. C’mon people, call in and get your free stuff!

A reminder, the show is on every Tuesday at 1pm est. Please call me! hehe.