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Long Live Personality Marketing Ala Mark Cuban

If it appears that I am stalking Mark Cuban, I am not. Here’s the problem I have with him. He’s smart and make a lot of sense and I keep learning things from his blog. Therefore, I keep wanting to talk about what he says. So Mark, keep it up, and I’ll keep learning.


On Christmas Mark let out a blog entry entitled ‘The Lesson Of Happy Gilmore and Pro Sports Marketing‘. The piece basically talks about why the movie Happy Gilmore mimics everything that is wrong about sports marketing today. Good read. It got me thinking, not about sports marketing, but about personality marketing in general.

Mark says…

I think the trend towards taking personalities out of the game could be a fatal business mistake. Leagues are so intent on polishing and packaging athletes that they forget the Happy Gilmore lesson. Fans love, or love to hate athletes with personality. Most importantly, they watch those players and buy their merchandise.

My big takeaway from this mantra is… Mark’s right. If you’re in the business (any business with personalities) to make money, this is what you need to do, because it works. As an online businessman, and more specifically, publisher of an online “magazine” at ReveNews that feeds off of many personalities, I’ve learned that the business of “selling newspapers” is how you need to think in order to have monetary success (assuming monetary success is your goal).

To do that, you need to give people what they want, and that’s confrontation, and the opportunity to disagree, to yell. To “trash talk”. That… is what sells newspapers, and yes, even sells in the blogging world. Look at the successful blogs out there today. They don’t play it safe. They are run by strong personalities that have strong opinions, and that’s why they work. Heck, look at Mark’s blog, he’s a prime example of this. Look at blogs like 1938media.com, or Oneparkavenuereality.com to see more of this in action.

In the end, Mark is right again, it’s all about providing entertainment, or helpful information. Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan, or a reader, or whatever. Heck, I’m considering changing the entire format of ReveNews to a giant blogger vs. blogger cage match where bloggers simply fight each other.

Now that would sell a lot of newspapers :)

Techcrunch Conversation Tracker: Free Online Marketing Idea #1

If you’re an avid reader of www.techcrunch.com as I am, you’ll know that the comments are always sometimes the very best part of the content. I would argue that most of the time they are even better. That’s no dig on TC, but rather a compliment to the community they have enabled over there.


So when a story breaks on TC that I am interested in, I follow the comments, and the trackbacks, very closely. TC doesn’t have a “subscribe to comments” feature, so I have to keep coming back to the site and refreshing the page. They do offer an rss comment feed, but I don’t use feed readers.

The other thing that I do is click on the commentor’s name to go to thier site. Why? Because it usually leads me to a blog that I find interesting.


What I want is a TechCrunch conversation tracker. I imagine it as a mini TechMeme.com. Not just a comment tracker, but rather a “conversation tracker”. A tool that would allow me to subscribe to a blog entry, then actively go out and find the conversations related to that entry, and here’s the key… it would bring them to me via email, or a landing page built just for me.

It doesn’t have to be a solution just for TechCrunch either. I would like it to be used for me on any content I wished to track. I wrote more about this idea at ReveNews a while back when I gave tips to Icerocket.com.

2. Bribe the bloggers with vanity. I would build a system that helps bloggers get noticed. The #1 thing that all bloggers want is attention, so give it to them. Build a solution that helps the blogger be found and rewarded for good quality niche content. Push that content in a Techmeme style layout out to vertical markets. Focus on the bloggers as your customers and solve their problems and stroke their egos while providing them, and their readers with a simple interface that pushes the discussions out to each interested party.

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