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Got A Blogging Question? Ask The Blogger

One of my sites that I’ve been neglecting a bit lately is a site called It’s a site where I answer all types of blogging questions for people who need answers. See original post about site launch.

The original intent of the site was for me to answer most of the questions I received in video form. But I found out that I am much more eloquent in answering questions via text entry. However, I will begin to try to use more video on this site soon.

What’s Different or Special About

When I set out to build, I wanted to make it different and better. So I have been working on taking what I’ve learned over the years from blogging and online marketing and combining them together.


1. I’m hoping to solve problems for people. The best blogs or sites solve problems.

2. I’m writing it very conversational and direct from my voice as to keep it “bloggy”

Got a blogging question? Head on over and ask away!

Here’s a few recent questions and answers.

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