Affiliate Summit Video Footage | Unskippable - Marketing Keynote Speaker - Jim Kukral

Affiliate Summit Video Footage

Here’s six or so minutes of random footage I took with my Flip camera at the Affiliate Summit event earlier this week. Some good stuff in here. Like…

  • Gary V (the wine guy) buying a domain name at the Moniker domain auction.
  • Sam Harrelson swearing on camera.
  • Stephanie Agresta pitching some social booking, as usual :)
  • A few of us drinking Mickey’s Big Mouth beer. Horrible.
  • People riding the Segway.
  • Other assorted and random clips too.

Want to see more people riding the Segway? Check this vid out. Why don’t you see me on it? Because I tried to get on and almost wiped out big time. That thing isn’t built for big people. At least no one had their video camera running.

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