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I Want To Switch To A Mac

For years I’ve been working on PC’s. I actually started my computer life on Apple’s way back before the Internet. I loved working on old Mac’s back in the day. But then, everyone I knew in “business” made the switch to PC’s and so did I. Over that time, the Mac’s got way better. So now I’m ready to switch back. Here’s a little video I did where I talk about the reasons I want to finally switch back to a Mac.

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It’s not that I don’t like my pc
I loooooathe it
Seriously, working a pc just kinda blows, it’s just not fun
I’m jim kukral
when I come back, I’m going to give you my top reasons why I want to switch
to a mac
It’s funny, I actually started my computer career on macs way back in the
day before the internets
Yeah, I’m old
As a matter of fact, I still have one of my first macs, check this thing out
It’s one of their first laptops. 40mb hard drive, and a black and white
It still boots up, listen
Bonus, check it out, wordperfect on a 3 and half inch disk
Anyway, I moved to pc’s when most everyone else did back in the day and
I’ve hated it ever since
Reason #1 I want to switch back to a mac
My pc laptop is slow, and it’s a loaded super gaming machine
Look, it shouldn’t take more than 1 minute to startup, should it?
Reason #2 to move to a mac
All the cool kids are doing it
Everywhere I look, I see those smarmy little apple laptops staring back at me
mocking me. Making me feel all inferior
You mac people think you’re pretty darn cool don’t you?
And finally, reason #3 to get back on the mac track
They just look more fun, don’t they?
Ok, not this old one, but the new ones
They just ooze elegance and look like they would make my business day more fun
Maybe this will be the year I finally switch back?
I’m jim kukral, and that was today’s daily flip

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