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Personal Branding Tips – Guylights

I’ve been working in the affiliate space for years now. And somehow, I’ve become known in my circles as the dude who gets “guylights” put in for every trade show. Ok, I’m personally responsible for that idea… The point is, I’ve done it purposely. I get them put in on purpose. Why? It’s a good branding thing for me. People recognize me as the dude who gets his hair highlighted. It’s kind of a funny joke. And it works, well.

You wouldn’t believe how many people come up to me at shows I attend and comment on my blond “guylights” and how they like them. My “customers” are identifying with my brand that I have worked to build. What do YOU do to differentiate your personal brand from everyone else? How do you stand out?

Here’s a short little video about my impending guylights and a few quick personal branding tips to boot. See you in Vegas.

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