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Give & You Shall Receive

We interrupt the Daily Flip to bring you a video you have to watch. Gary Vaynerchuk, the Wine guy, talks a little business/life strategy.

It’s pretty obvious that I’m crushing, in a totally marketing geek non sexual way, on Gary these days. I mean, I even wrote I wanted to be him months and months ago. You know I love you man, in a normal non freaky way, Ha. What can I say, the guy has it down, across the board.

Watch this video peeps. Gary’s giving school and I’m in the front row, you should be too. Join the verygreenteam too.

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Stephanie Agresta - March 20, 2008

Live it, breathe it. do it!

I will bleed….

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Ann Handley - March 21, 2008

p.s. Love the "CommentLuv"… hadn't seen that yet. Cool!

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Minca - March 21, 2008

Interesting speech, nice man.

Ann Handley - March 21, 2008

“….I’m crushing, in a totally marketing geek non sexual way, on Gary…”

Thanks for clarifying! lol….

(I love Gary’s breathless delivery!)

Ann Handley’s last blog post..What Is a Friend?

Jim Kukral - March 21, 2008

@stephanie, yep!

@Ann, yeah, the commentluv plugin is pretty neat isn’t it? Just found it. How about those subscribe to comments on MPDF?????? :) I need that!!!

Chauncy - March 28, 2008

Hmmm, very nice speech.

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Ben Durban - March 31, 2008

Love the speech!

Ben Durban
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Calum - July 24, 2008

Great article, well structured, if only all people blogged like you!

cool games - August 16, 2009

Wow cool, first time i see this Gary guy hehe… And commentluv is my favourite plugin ^^ Would recommend it to anyone who wants good quality comments on their blogs ^^

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