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How To Become A YouTube Partner?

Did you know that YouTube offers a partner program that you can apply to join? If you become a partner you get special features like being able to modify your YouTube channel page with custom graphics and colors. You’ll also be able to share in the profits on advertisements that YouTube serves on your videos. Watch the video below for more details, and hey, subscribe to my YouTube channel page.

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About the Author

Jim Kukral - March 6, 2008

If you go to, and look at the bottom of the page, you'll see if your application is still being reviewed, which mine is. I imagine it would say rejected if you didn't get in. Log in first of course.

45n5 - March 6, 2008

I applied to the partner program about a month after it came out. Never got a response from them. Would be cool to be a partner.

45n5 - March 6, 2008

cool. my status is “Your application is currently being processed.” they must be backlogged by a few million.

wendy - March 6, 2008

Hi Jim, I love your site. This is what I aspire to!
I have subscribed to you so how about same in return?
I enjoy reading the Daily Flip by the way.

45n5 - March 6, 2008

coincidence or maybe you have an admirer on the youtube staff. Just got this email:

“Dear 45n5,

Thank you for your interest in the YouTube Partner Program. The information you provided in the online sign-up form has been reviewed and approved for the first stage of the application process. Please proceed to Step 2, creating and linking your Google AdSense account. All partners need an approved AdSense account in order to receive payment and be accepted in the program.”

Thanks youtube ;) Waiting on phase 3 now.

Jim Kukral - March 6, 2008

Mark, that’s great. Hopefully they get around to letting me in soon too. Been a month or more since I applied.

Mike Huang - March 6, 2008

Thanks Jim for discussing about this. I am very interested in doing a future webcast/vlog type of post and this would surely do the trick :)


Hurricane Proof Construction - March 6, 2008

Thanks tons for this tip…lots of people on the coast have been following our construction ever since before Ivan and Katrina. Lately I have been making short videos explaining the construction techniques, so the YouTube partnership is a natural for me. Wonder if it will include Google Video as well. I use that brand over YouTube usually due to less restrictions on file size. Thx, Lundy
PS the Shoe ‘satellite interview” was interesting.

Jim Kukral - March 7, 2008

Here’s something I learned that is important. Don’t put pre-roll ads in your videos like I did above. That violates their terms.

Jenna - March 19, 2008

I enjoyed reading your post. Very interesting! I was not aware that YouTube offered a partner program! Thanks for the information and help!

car45j34 - August 5, 2008

can i become a partner if my past videos had copyrighted marterial but my futre videos didn’t and was my own?

car45j34 - August 5, 2008

can i become a partner if my past videos had copyrighted marterial but my futre videos didn’t and was my own?

Also if I do use copyrighted material but ask the permission of the origonal creator will that be allowed?

Jim Kukral - August 5, 2008


I don’t think you can, no. Even if you ask.

car45j34 - August 14, 2008

niga higa is now a partner?!?!?! he and kevjumba use copyrighted music and they get away with it. i know they get loads of views but i e-mailed them and all they said was check out a link and the link said; “NO EXECPTIONS” thats a load of crap and not fair

RIGHTEOUS - October 16, 2008

I’ve got two channels in which I have over 40 videos on each, been on YouTube for almost 2 years and have repeatedly been rejected for partnership. YET, LISANOVA has partnership making videos with her jugs almost all out and being drunk?

VENETIANPRINCESS makes videos parodying hit songs of today and ESMEEDENTERS videos are 95% all about her singing popular songs – they are partners. Yet I do the same thing and I’m told my videos are not original. PIPISTRELLO has all these strict rules about no sub 4 sub, not interested in viewership numbers and subscribers yet he is partner so apparently hypocrites are accepted too.

I’ve seen some people who made partner in only a month’s worth of time and some with only a handful of videos. YOUTUBE IS VERY CONTRADICTIVE. Quality videos my a**! They can scream about partners having interesting video content all they want but if they have a boring snooze like GERIATRIC1927 (who doesn’t even accept friendships let alone comment on other people’s videos) and FRED who just makes warped out videos with no intelligence, no sense – become partners, then they oughta revise their requirements so we truly understand what they’re looking for cause THEIR PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM SUCKS!

car45j34 - June 1, 2009

Like comedy? Like impressions? Like blunt opions? Then my YouTube channel is for you! I upload videos weekly and love every minute of it.

My dream of becoming a sucessful actor and film maker is directed by my YouTube videos! Help me achive my dream!

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