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What’s Your Passion?

Trying out a new format here on the Daily Flip. Today’s video is about 15 minutes in length, and has no script. It’s just me free flowing thoughts about all kinds of things related to me and the world in which I work in. You can find a summary of those thoughts and show mentions below the video. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think? Watchable? Hate it? Love it? Want to see more or less of something?

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Show notes:
New long format.
Inspired by Gary V of Winelibrary.tv and Sam Harrelson.
Who is Jim Kukral?
Daily Flip filming secrets.
How to light a room with a Home Depot light?
Tip: Lower your monitor brightness for video.
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The differences between “making money online” guys and me.
What’s my passion?
Can my passion translate into income?
How I make money online currently.
Do online long sales letters work?
Follow your passion.
What if your passion doesn’t make money?
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