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Your Marketing & Sales Team Sucks

A bit of a rant today on the Daily Flip. Going all Feldman on ya. Basically, your marketing sucks, and your sales team too. Especially ad networks. Watch the video below to get my entire case.

I’m nicer in the video I think. Honestly though, I have to call you all out for bad marketing and even worse sales. Who in the ad network space besides one or two is actually doing anything innovative and attention-getting (booth babes do not count). Just a handful of you. The rest of you guys. Nada. Zip. Uninspiring marketing and sales teams that don’t know how to really sell.

Actually, I don’t really blame sales as much. I’ve been doing sales support as a marketer for years and years (yes, for an ad network once), and I can tell you that I consider it my job as the marketer to give the sales team the right things to say and show. This isn’t happening now/today.

You marketing sucks. Agree? Or disagree, leave a comment. Watch for challenge at end of video.

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